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JOLTS Job Openings

What is the meaning of jolts job openings?

The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) tells us how many job openings there are each month, how many workers were hired, how many quit their job, how many were laid off, and how many experienced other separations (which includes worker deaths).

How does jolts affect the market?

JOLTS is considered a valuable economic indicator as it provides insights into the labor market's dynamics, which can affect consumer spending, business investments, and overall economic growth.

How does Jolts job openings affect USD?

About the JOLTS survey The number of job openings is used as an indication of the health of the employment sector. A rising figure usually indicates a growing economy, normally understood as dollar positive.

Expect JOLTS Job Openings:

Our expectations indicate a drop from 9.58M previously to 9.49M

The news will be issued at 14:00 (GMT+00:00) UTC



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