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Discover Forex Opportunities Like Never Before – Welcome to PIANOFX

You need more than just signals!

How do we work?

Who are we?

We are a team of 3 traders with combined 12 years of experiance on the forex market. We work together everyday to help others in their trading careers. We work for You, to help You understand and learn how to trade on the market, but also become profitable trader

forex team

Join our team and start trading with us today!

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  • How many signals do you provide?
    We provide on average 1-3 highest quality signals daily – with chart analysis, entry, stop loss. targeting between 1:1RR to 1:15RR
  • How much pips you make?
    We rate our weekly performance by reference to RR (A risk-reward ratio)Which gives his readers the most accurate results. But in general We make on average1500 pips monthly. You can monitor our weekly performance on our Instagram page
  • Do you update your signals?
    Yes, of course. We keep all our signals updated, we advise when to move SL to entry or close trades.
  • How big are your stop losses
    It all depends on situation, but on average our stop losses between 2 pips to 15pips .
  • What’s your strategy?
    We trade based on SMC , ICT , Supply and Demand ,price action + fundamental analysis
  • What is your risk reward on trades
    Our average risk to reward ratio is between 1:1RR to 1:15RR
  • Does your service includes support?
    Yes, of course. We are always happy to help our customers 24/7.
  • Where do you provide your signals?
    We send all our signals on telegram channel .
  • How I can be at the premium channel ?
    You can Contact customer service in order to pay the subscription fee. After paying the subscription fee, you will get a link to join the premium


85, Great Portland Street
First Floor
W1W 7LTSan Francisco, CA 94158



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